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In today’s world businesses need flexibility when it comes to office space. Gone are the days of long contracts and long commitments. ‘Leased’ space refers to office space that is not bought and has more flexible terms. This article describes the various office options on offer including the more flexible, serviced space.  


  1. What kinds of Offices can I lease?

  2. How do I find leased space that is best for me?

  3. How do I know that Dancorp is best for me?

  4. I’m interested. What are the next steps?

  5. Enquire at Dancorp today

What kinds of Offices can I lease?

The face of office space has changed in recent years. Beige booths and uptight atmospheres have been replaced with Scandinavian décor and a more casual vibe. It can be difficult to know where to start when searching for space to lease, rent or let, as there are various options available. Whether it is for the long term or absolutely temporary, every business has its individual space needs, and these change with time.

Globally the options are very similar, though we will focus on the Australian market and physical space (i.e. virtual offices will not be a part of the discussion):

  • A traditional office
    This is your more traditional office with a strong commercial / corporate look and feel, usually with a front reception at the entrance, a kitchen area for staff, separate meeting room(s) and several private offices. e.g. Small Law firm
    For larger businesses, in a high rise building, this setup will also include levels of partitioned cubicles or lined desks, separated by additional meeting rooms.
    e.g. Large Accounting firm
    Adelaide, South Australia, is known as a more traditional office market where companies usually associate office space with long term leases and the occupation of standalone office buildings.


  • An open plan space
    A growing trend spurred on by the creative and tech industries, open plan space favours open plans, modern and more causal décor, fosters collaboration, and generally has a larger number of workstations in a smaller space.  The space saved by this is used for lounges, casual meeting spaces and larger kitchen facilities. Whilst open plan offices maximise use of the square meters allowed, they can be detrimental to privacy so do not suit every business. The addition of pods to make phone calls is common.
    E.g. Graphic Design Agency


  • A ‘Serviced’ office (also known as an Executive suite)
    Refers to a office/room within a wider commercial property that houses offices of different shapes and sizes that offers that also receives the necessary services required to operate a business from, such as furniture, internet services, phone answering, reception and mail services. Think of it as a one stop shop when a smaller amount of space is needed (typically for a single person or a small group of four people). Rental at a serviced office also includes access to a shared conference room and kitchen and more flexible lease terms.
    E.g. State Sales Representative


  • A shared, ‘co-working’ space
    Whilst this is different in each co-working venue, most are leaning towards an Open plan office that is shared amongst different businesses, with a relaxed atmosphere and trendy décor. Co-working space is membership based and affordable, with users signing up for use daily, weekly, monthly or pay as you go. Meeting rooms and kitchen facilities are booked based on availability and there is often the chance to hire private offices for slightly larger companies. This type of space is a good fit for start up companies as there is usually strong social interaction between members and the chance to attend events. Privacy and noise can be an issue.
    E.g. New Tech start up


  • A remote ‘home’ office
    The number of people working from home on a makeshift or purpose built desk is on the rise and for some growing businesses, with space at such a premium, it is a part of company policy. Made more feasible due to technology such as Skype, and certainly the most cheap, remote working for roles that require less interaction can provide increased job satisfaction and productivity.
    E.g. Freelance Illustrator


If you do need modifications to be made by a landlord to let office space to suit your personal needs (note we have not covered warehouse, virtual or retail needs in this article), this is usually possible for a fee and a longer term lease commitment. 


Enquire today.

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Office for Lease in Adelaide
What kinds of Offices can I lease?

How do I find leased space that is best for me?








To decide on what leased space is best for you right now, you need to be clear on what is important to you as there are pros and cons with each option. Key items to consider include:


  • the number of employees in your business

  • how long you initially need the space for (i.e. how long you are prepared to commit to a lease)

  • whether collaboration is essential to your work or whether privacy will outweigh this

  • how many of your team are working remotely or in another location?

  • will you need regular client time on site?

  • whether you need flexibility for growth later (for example, most serviced providers will grow with you by providing larger or additional space) and

  • your customers needs (will they need to meet with you often, need car parking space etc)









Call Dancorp on +61 8 8238 3444 to enquire today.

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I need Serviced space. How do I know that Dancorp is right for me?


To recap, a serviced office is private space in a shared building that comes fully furnished and equipped with support services. It provides you with the flexibility to view a space one day and move into it the next. This doesn’t mean that these spaces are typically a short-term option for companies as many view convenience and flexibility to be more important than having their own building.


Below we detail what you can expect with Dancorp offices:

  • Quick turnaround from enquiry to move in

  • Flexibility with length of term of tenancy

  • A range of office sizes (and the ability to relocate within the building)

  • Low start-up costs (a cheap alternative to other options)

  • Convenience (car parking, reception staff, mail services, etc)

  • Opportunity for an office in a great location

  • Working in your own space, yet being amongst other businesses in the same building


Detailed below are a few important areas to consider before visiting Dancorp:

What’s your budget?

  • With affordability to consider, ask yourself what best suits you and your team?  

  • Don’t be afraid to be upfront and honest painting an accurate picture of what you require and what you expect in return. We will help you in the best possible way to come up with a suitable package.

How does the location work for you?

  • What are the benefits of the location for your business?  

  • Does such easy access to the city where parking may be difficult and expensive mean more convenience?

  • How about excellent access for deliveries?

  • Being so close to the airport for interstate travellers?

  • Seeking a prime, prestigious business location with stylishly designed offices and up to date amenities, conveying a good impression on your visitors is going to enhance your professional reputation. Consider the convenience for your clients, your employees and yourself.  The number of car parks available, security of the area and general amenities (e.g. Post Office, bus stop etc) are all important.
    Location, location, location – it is not just important for your home, but your business, as well.

What facilities do you need?

  • Consider the benefits of free parking (that’s included), the meeting/conference rooms and the availability of cleaners to clean your office.  Is there a good quality coffee machine?  (a good way to impress the clients!).  

  • Look for clean and modern offices, state of the art equipment (for example, internet / high speed connectivity and effective air conditioning).  

  • Consider the size of the room needed and do you prefer a window or is it more cost effective without one? (remembering that daylight in your office improves sleep, physical activity and quality of life).

What kind of help do you need?

  • When looking at a Dancorp office, you will be provided with basic office services such as administration services, reception (greeting of your clients), postage and courier send / receive facilities.  

  • Not having to hire such staff to perform these tasks will in turn reduce your overheads, plus while you are away on business trips you can rest assured knowing that your office is in good hands.  

What flexibility do you require?

  • What are the rental terms, are you happy to sign up for an extended period or do you need something more flexible or temporary?  

  • Keep in mind the future may include the growth of your business which in turn will require alternative spaces for you to expand into.


Call Dancorp on +61 8 8238 3444 to enquire today.

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I’m interested. What are the next steps?


Ok, you now know that you want serviced space to lease, and that Dancorp is an expert provider of this.  To move from interest to enquiry to move in, the next steps are:


  • Be clear on your specifics
    Iron out which specific requirements are a must have for you, such as the leasing timeframe, the number of desks needed, an office with natural light, carparking, etc.


  • Visit our site and request a personalised quotation
    It is our strong recommendation to visit our site and go for a walk through the property with us to see the offices and amenities in person and receive a quotation. At this time ask to see all types of vacant offices so that you get a full spread of the opportunities.


  • Request a draft lease agreement
    As an established and professional office provider Dancorp will happily provide a draft rental / lease agreement for you to evaluate at the time of quotation. Review this and check specific clauses, such as the duration of the agreement and the break clause. We offer short term month to month options, then 3 month, 6 month and 12 month options.


  • Decide to move in!
    After you have visited us, received the quote, analysed the cost and the service provided as well as the agreement terms, you are ready to plan a move in date!

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Enquire at Dancorp today


If this article was of help to you and you are ready to start your search for space for lease in Adelaide, contact Dancorp Offices today where one of our friendly team are ready to talk about your needs.


Call Dancorp on +61 8 8238 3444 or submit an enquiry form to enquire today.

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Process or finding Offices for Lease and rent in Adelaide
How do I find leased space that is best for me?
How do I know Dancorp is right for me?
What help do you need?
How does the location work for you?
What facilities do you need?
What's your budget?
I'm interested. What are the next steps?
What flexibility do you require?
Enquire at Dancorp today
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